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SOTI Natural - jedyna prawdziwie parzona zielona herbata Gyokuro w butelce



Try the green tea brewed the way it preserves

 more antioxidants than the one

brewed at home.


100% brewed

0 % sugar 0% sweeteners

0 preservatives 0 calories


Everything you need from the green tea: taste and health benefits.







Authentically the best choice on the go!

Watch the video below for more information about SOTI Natural

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SOTI Natural Gyokuro Green Tea
This is the only authentically brewed green tea in the bottle.

We made it for you from the unique tea leaves Gyokuro specially chosen because catechin, L-teanine, tannins and antioxidants content in those leaves was the highest.

We added no sugar, chemical extracts or stevia since those do more harm than good.

The way SOTI Natural was prepared it has a special aroma and a pleasant lingering aftertaste and keep you healthy, refreshed and relaxed.

Finally bottled green tea which preserves all the benefits - convinent and healthy!
100% organic 100% high quality brewed green tea from the best tea leaves
No sugar, sweeteners, stevia, artificial coloring or preservatives added.
Rare green tea leaves with unique health benefits.
Helps burning calories .
Quenches your thirst
Perfect each time you don't have time for brewing and cooling.
SOTI Natural



To brew SOTI Natural we used tea leaves Gyokuro which are perceived to be the best quality tea leaves from Japan. What makes Gyokuro so special?

The primary factors that contribute to making this special tea are how the leaf is cultivated and how the leaf is processed after picking.

Gyokuro is made only with the earliest leaf buds of the spring harvest. The tea is grown under shade cover (using reed or straw screens) for 20 days before harvesting begins. Therefore Gyokuro is a sensitive green tea and with the perfect brewing it brings out the best flavor and most health benefits.


It all began, when people just stopped drinking sweetened and artificial bottled drinks.

How is SOTI made?

We have found a rare kind of green tea on Japanese stock market. The tea contains a lot of catechins. We have decided to brew those unique Japanese leaves in a way that prevents them from losing their valuable qualities and to close them in a convenient form.
We have analyzed that if the leaves are not fermented and the drying process begins immediately after their pick up, the brewed tea could store the maximum amount of valuable components and a unique, delicate flavor.
Developing the appropriate way of brewing took us more than a year and it is one of the most precious secrets of SOTI Natural. The most important things were temperature and duration of the brewing as well as the type of natural mineral tea. Thanks to that recipe it is the only genuinely brewed green tea of high quality.
The next stage of SOTI Natural production is filling it into convenient, aseptically sealed bottles. We have proved that there is no need to add any chemical extracts and that it is possible to create a healthy alternative.
SOTI Natural label is green and white and has eight different shades. White and green are supposed to emphasize the naturalness as SOTI Natural is the only premium ice tea with no chemical additives.
All aseptically sealed bottles of healthy green tea are then packed into white and green boxes and transported to Europe. We believe that only in Asia it is possible to brew green tea in such a way that all the valuable components are stored, the taste is delicious and there is no preservatives, dyes or artificial flavors.
You can order SOTI Natural on www.sotinatural.pl/sklep with delivery to you refrigerator. Thanks to that you can always have your favourite natural green tea always with you – in a bag, backpack or a car and benefit from its healthy properties.
We believe that everyone
deserves to keep one’s balance.

You buy a bottle of SOTI Natural = you ensure balance for yourself, the loved ones
and others.

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